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North Sea Power to Gas Platform is a joint body, based on an integrated network of stakeholders

This platform aims to explore the viability of power-to-gas in the countries surrounding the North Sea area

Power To Gas

Power-to-gas is the functional description of the conversion of electrical power into a gaseous energy carrier like e.g. hydrogen or methane. Learn More

Links with other platforms

Our goal is to have as much as possible an open relation with other expertise groups, in order to disseminate bi-directionally all relevant information and to contribute to the state of the art of power-to-gas. Learn More

Our Way Of Working

Three times a year the Platform members gather at one of the offices of the partners (rotating) to meet again and to update about experiences or study results. Additionally, agreements are made upon the continuation of the Platform and the work that wi Learn More

Latest News

EC call for proposals: Research in electrolysis for cost effective hydrogen production

  • 18 August 2014

Specific challenge: Water electrolysis is considered to have the potential to provide cost competitive hydrogen with a very low associated carbon footprint in comparison to the current best available technology, which is central SMR (steam methane reforming). In order to achieve this goal by 2025 or 2030 at the latest, as suggested by the “Development of water electrolysis in the European Union” , electrolysers must at least halve their capital cost while reducing their electricity consumption by 10%. [...]

Our objectives

  • Map out when power-to-gas can be implemented succesfully
  • Support the formation fo collaborations
  • Involve all stakeholders in exploring the possibilities in the North Sea area
  • Line up all stakeholders for supporting R&D and demonstration projects